Android App is very slow

Steps to reproduce

open the app

Expected result

the app should be syncing or completely synced already.
the app should be responsive (after the loading time space)
the app shouldnt load each interaction

Actual result

often the app isnt synced (and there is no button or message warning it)…only after many minutes slowly goes syncing… each modfication by each modification (there is no button or message announcing when the app finished to sync and is completely functional now)

the app isnt as responsive as you think it would.
often the app charges each time you tap in some bullet and is time consuming and prone to error


Android Lollipop Galaxy J7

Additional information

thank you so much.

Additional comments


That’s really strange. I don’t experience this issue. About how many points are on the Dynalist that you’re trying to open?

I experience exactly the same as the @Leonardo_Muzkiz_Ramo

I experience the same behavior on the iPhone app too. If it’s been a few days, I can see individual items moving, checking off, etc. It takes a good few minutes to fully complete the sync. In viewing the items as the sync happens, it is almost as if the app is moving through each day since the last sync, updating items that were changed each day in order. It’s like watching the history of activity since the last sync :slight_smile:

+@Shida, I sometimes experience this on my phone too, after making lots of changes on the desktop app.

Is it possible to not apply each changes individually and rather apply one all at once?

I believe this happens to everything including Android, iOS and all desktop environment (windows, mac, linux).

It’s currently caused by the sync algorithm having a limit on how many changes it can apply each time it syncs with the server. In the next iteration of the sync mechanism, I will be implementing a different sync mode that does a full-document sync instead of synchronizing each individual changes. This should be faster for those who are behind by a lot, which is typical for a mobile client.

I also have a very slow mobile version.

On my android app, I also experience this slow sync; but it takes usually several seconds to about half a minute to fully sync. And I can confirm that you can almost watch the changes being made.

Actually, I don’t mind the few seconds waiting time. (I often have slow mobile internet and then Dynalist still syncs as fast as with wifi. That is great!)

But it would be really helpful to have some kind of message or symbol that indicates a running sync and then lets you know when it is fully synced.
I do hesitate editing my stuff during the syncing of the app because I fear errors and collisions. So I would feel much safer if I could see when the syncing is finished.


I experience the same extreme slowness (including seeing the sync change line by line)

Bump - this issue makes the Android app essentially unusable for me - I open it every week or two, see that it’s going to take a long time - at least a few minutes - to update, and close it again. It’s easier to pull out my laptop.


Hi @Leonardo_Muzkiz_Ramo , is it still happening right now? Sorry for digging this up :grimacing:! We’re cleaning up the bugs.

Hi @Erica, just wanted to chime in as I’m experiencing the same problem as @Leonardo_Muzkiz_Ramo. Every time I open the app (Pixel, Android 8.1.0, latest version of Dynalist), it takes about 10 to 20 seconds to load up, then typing in anything experiences a several second delay (whether I have a ton of bullets on the screen, or I’ve zoomed in on just one).

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I’m experiencing the same problem.

I wouldn’t mind a longer loading screen for Dynalist, if that means the app performed predictably once actually loaded.

My current workaround is to use the mobile web app (which is excellent, btw). That means the only feature missing for me is a quick way to use the “share” feature to capture to my inbox.

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Still experiencing the issue. Thanks for suggesting your workaround in the meantime. It works perfectly for me.