Android App: inbox not set when started offline

Steps to reproduce

Make sure an inbox destination is set both in web app and android app - app works correctly when online.
Quit previously running Dynalist app from android running apps overview screen.
Set device network offline (flight mode)
Open Dynalist app.
Look at settings

Expected result

Under “Your inbox” should show last Inbox setting.

Actual result

“Your inbox destination is not set”


Dynalist 1.1.22 on Android 5.1

Additional information

Looks like none of the settings are persisted, so when the app starts offline they all revert to their defaults.

Additional comments

Being unable reliably to share text selections to to Dynalist inbox while offline is a showstopper for note-taking – if you try to do this and the inbox is not set then the selection is lost. It only works when the app was already running while online.

Happens to me too, but without the offline bit. My app is synched and showing changes, but setting inbox in browser doesn’t set inbox in app. Addionally, I had an inbox set which was working in app previously, but app no longer registers it.