Android App: how to delete all checked items in a document?

Sorry if I’m missing something obvious but I’m just trying Dynalist and I can’t find a way to delete all checked items in a document in the Android app. It’s easy to do in windows app and web because you have a menu when you select the title but the equivalent toolbar in the Android app (which you can customise to add the option to) disappears when you select a title. So if I have a document in a folder that’s just a flat list there doesn’t seem to be anyway to do it.

Help much appreciated.

Hi Pete,

Sorry for the late reply!

It’s true that the mobile toolbar doesn’t have the toolbar yet and it should, sorry about that!

OK - now I’m confused. My free trial of pro has finished, and now, if I’m in the Android app I can’t seem to delete checked items at any level. In the windows app the item is on the menu but has the same icon as delete (everything) and using that icon in the android app just deletes.

How come it’s considered important enough in windows to have a menu item but not in Android?

Unfortunately the short answer is the space is limited and we have to do some tradeoffs and only show the most commonly used options (not by a particular user, but by the majority of user).

As Dynalist gets more and more features, we realize that some people would like to have the ability to customize what options they use the most on mobile, therefore Dynalist now offers the custom toolbar in Dynalist Pro.