An automatic reporting system for notes created /edited that day or week

I had my workflowy account and it automatically sent me an email of newly made notes I made that day.

Perhaps dynalist should have something like this?

An automated email report of notes you make each day, or that week, in a log type report? (it doesn’t have to be an email though.)

Example of what workflowy automatically sent me in an email. (Notes look really bad here since I don’t use workflowy)

Maybe dynalist could do something like this? Probably lumped together with the revision history on trello

As of right now there’s not really anything for this, e.g. looking at a snapshot of your notes added over time.

Probably have settings to specify following

  • Most commonly edited items that week / or specific lists
  • How frequently you want to be sent a snapshot email of things you added (by day or week)
  • Which email address you want to send it too
  • Whether to have it work across all documents or just 1
  • Whether you want a flatflowy-like report instead of a traditional bullet hierarchy
  • Items that were CTRL+ENTER crossed out

Then you can go through your emails and give yourself a pat on the back I guess or remind yourself of things you were working on

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