Allow marking <URLs> delimited by less-than and greater-than

TL;DR: Look at the Problem section.


Dynalist formatting syntax is very similar to Markdown, but slightly different (the only major difference I remember is the italics and bold syntax). Thus, whenever I’m writing text in Dynalist, or copying text around between multiple tools, I’m thinking in Markdown.

Things work mostly fine, except for <>-style links. They are a part of the Markdown language, but they are not supported in Dynalist.


When I type Foo <> bar, Dynalist generates the following HTML markup (slightly simplified here for brevity):

<span>Foo &lt;</span>
<a href=";">;</a>
<span> bar</span>

Observe how the greater-than symbol is now part of the link, which leads to an incorrect URL.


It should generate this (< and > are omitted):

<span>Foo </span>
<a href=""></a>
<span> bar</span>

But I’m fine with this rendering as well (< and > are visible):

<span>Foo &lt;</span>
<a href=""></a>
<span>&gt; bar</span>


There is a possibility this may break existing links in existing documents, if such links already contain the > character. I believe this is very unlikely, so the impact is very low. And for such rare cases the user should replace > with %3E in the URL.

Making the < and > characters hidden is a change in behavior that may or may not be desired by users, depending on how many documents it will affect and how the users expect it to be rendered.