All my documents have been deleted

Hi, I’m not sure what I just did when using dynalist but all my documents are gone. I was deleting some of them and suddenly I can only see the “Getting started with Dynalist” file. Can someone help me to recover my documents? Thank you very much

There’s a bit of back-and-forth of private info involved here so best to DM Erica on the discord chat

Sounds like you’re either logged out, or logged in to another account, at least from past experience of users running into this.

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I tried. It says that the invitation cannot be accepted. Do you know why it could be?

I don’t know, the discord link works for me.

As for your issue - Since you are seeing what a new user sees - are you 100% sure you didn’t log into the wrong google account or something? Log out and log back in to dynalist.

Yeah, I did :confused: do you know any other way of contect with the mods?

Try a different browser. Try the browser in incognito mode.

Look in your email for this email and see what email they sent it to and make sure youre signed in that one