Additional icons for files for improved visual grepping

Giving us additional icons (such as icons for HTML, CSS, JS, images, etc.) would give us a bird’s eye view of what is in the file. Was thinking along the lines of A File Icon for Sublime Text.


So each document and folder can have different icons for visual grouping? Did I understand that correctly?

Yep, you got it! If individual icons are too hard you can also give us little color circles as well to replace the document icon (red, green, blue, etc.), just something that can help me distinguish from the document I use for projects from the one I use to store bookmarks.

I see!

To anyone who’s reading this, please like or comment if you want it too :slight_smile:


As an intermediate step or in addition to this, I’ve seen several drag and drop file sharing implementations that display a styled div/button with the file extension included. This would be a great middle ground considering it may take a bit to round up icons for everything.

But there’s no file extension in Dynalist. Sorry I might be missing something?

FWIW, how about the use of unicodes instead of icons? I use this to create the visual grouping, which seems to be the requirement. I use a textexpander for shortcuts, and it works great for me. I can also search on unicodes which I find to fits well with my muscle memory. Your results may vary.



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Gotta love the creative solutions on the forum! :slight_smile: