Add option to display ruled lines between items

I realize this isn’t fashionable but I always found it easier to read outlines when there are light lines between items (i.e., giving the appearance of college-ruled paper)

P.s., I just realized this list (“Features”) is an example of what I’m talking about–much easier to read on account of it having light grey lines between each item.

Two workarounds I use myself:

  1. In the last item, insert a space in the note so the note has an empty line. Gives more space between items
  2. (more commonly) I enter a bunch of dashes -----------

For the latter I even have a shortcut in AutoHotkey. I add those separators everywhere, not just DL :slight_smile:

Ha! Me too. Annoying when the dashes wrap to the next line though :frowning:

I have mine set to 33 dashes. Works in most places w/o wrapping :slight_smile:

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This can be accomplished using the custom CSS, if you have pro:

div.Node-self {
border-bottom: solid 1px lightgrey;

You can change lightgrey to whatever color you like.