Add flexibility/templates for generating HTML

Exporting a List into HTML bascially creates code of the form


It would be great (and perhaps easy to implement) to let the user configure, what HTML tags to be used, in the following way:

  • Let me specify what to use instead of ul and li, so that I can use <ol class=foo> instead of <ul> instead.

  • Let me specify a HTML tag to be wrapped wrapped around the notes (MYNOTE in the example above), so that I can style this part using CSS.

  • Let me specify a block of HTML code which is pasted (on export) between <html> and <body>, so that I can provide a reference to my CSS file.

Note that these suggestions are not related to the way the text looks like when I edit it, but affects ONLY the HMTL export.

Just noting that it’s pretty easy to use the “find and replace” function of notepad.exe to switch all <ul> to <ol class=foo> after the fact. I’m sure there’s hundreds of schemas people would like to massage the export into but I think that’s a post-processing exercise for the user. As long as there’s a few standard ones to start from.