Activity Reporting/Productivity Tracking?

Really excited to centralize my task/project management for my life and business in Dynalist! As I have a small team of remote team members, one thing I’d like to track is the # of tasks/activities being completed on a daily basis… almost like a daily digest or weekly report…

The key thing I’m looking for is to see that my team members completed 10/10 tasks or 99/111 tasks over the last day/week/month/quarter so all members can be held accountable. Streaks, etc. would be bonuses but not essential.

Something like the examples below, one is from ToDoist… How is this possible? I imagine it can be done by exporting data via the API? Has anyone achieved something similar?

Screen Shot 2021-01-18 at 10.29.14 PM|690x239

I have not seen such a thing on these forums.

It’s not clear why number of tasks is a good thing to track, unless all your tasks are of the similar value and difficulty to one another. Are they?

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What I’m really after is making sure that myself and my team completes all of the assigned tasks… I call this the execution score which is tasks assigned/tasks completed… the score is a % such as 85% or 100% etc.

Yes, the tasks will largely be ‘evergreen’ recurring tasks that do not change as well as some quarterly project tasks that are not evergreen but rather one-off’s.

I just want to make sure all the jobs are getting done (aka checklists getting checked)

Make sense

If you add dates to all tasks before you complete them then they get added to you calendar with an infront.

Unfinished tasks would not have the .

This is what my monday and tuesday look like:


This does not look like Dynalist? How do you have 2 columns?

That’s google calendar I assume

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My Outlook calendar in Darkmode