Ability to show checked items for a configurable period of time

It is very handy if a checked item will not disappear immediately, but for example after a day. This helps you to be in control and keep an overview of what work is just finished without the unhappy feeling a task is gone.

Of course such can be managed by toggle the view option of check items also, but then all items are displayed instead of the last finished only.

I like this - and would like to extend the suggestion this way:

It would be very handy if, while I have the “Show” option for Checked Items enabled, I could specify which checked items appear. I suggest either a Date Range control OR a Recent (“1 month ago . . . 1 week ago . . . 1 day ago” etc) slider control.

This is convenient for reviewing what work was completed within a certain time period - nice for reviewing project tasks, what was checked off of a shopping list on the last trip, etc.

This would also accomplish this original request’s goal of hiding checked items that were checked more than 1 day ago - if the “Show” Checked Items were enabled and the proposed “Recently” slider were set to 1 day.