Ability to place saved bookmarks containing Search specs into a document

I used project-based documents with the first level organization being custom to each project. Once inside these first level nodes, I have tagged details of things to do at arbitrary levels of nesting interspersed with notes, links, etc, for example: #today #w-i-p #expect #k-i-m #due #William-XYZ #Project-ABC etc.

What would be nice would be to able to manually place a compound bookmark for a particular document (like links are) anywhere inside the document, maybe in the first top-level node where I could quickly get to search combinations .e.g. #w-i-p OR #today OR #urgent, or maybe #expect #William-XYZ

These searches are presently in the bookmark pane amidst many others and it is takes far too much time to find the looked-for bookmark when you need it.

Presently, I am typing in the search specs inside the document, which works well, but this would be a big productivity improvement for me. I do get that this style of using DYNA may not be broadly used and so this could be a long-tail type of ask.

I’m a BIG fan of DYNA regardless,

Thanks for the kind words, Fraser.

I wonder if you’ve ever tried using the Ctrl+O switcher to jump to those bookmarks? Or would you like to apply the same search in different documents, making bookmarks impractical?

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Hi Erica,

Yes, each document would be a different client or an internal project and the search is in some cases generic e.g. #w-i-p OR #today but in other cases only makes sense for that document, so what I would like would be able to build the document level searches and host their links in the body of the document itself.

The CTRL-O includes the search of the names of the book marks. Hmm. That is useful, certainly and has fewer keystrokes than retyping the full search into the search field of the document. It’s a very good compromise. Thank you. I still have to name the bookmarks so that they are easy too locate by successive keystrokes, but its a great option.

Are you using the web app? If so, the URL address should update as you enter search. You can use that link to enter the search.

Does that help? :slight_smile:

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Yes, that helps, Erica. You’ve given me lots of workarounds.

Let me know if the original feature I mentioned is not really a candidate for DYNA at this time. That’s not a problem. You’ve helped a lot with your feedback. I can get things done a little more fluidly now, thanks to you.

I think it would still be nice to have, but the challenge is to figure out a way to naturally fit this into Dynalist. I would consider this a feature candidate in the long term. I’ve heard other users talk about the same need (e.g. No. 6 under this feature request post: Requesting new search & bookmark functions).

I just want to let you know it’s not something we’d add immediately, but definitely something I think will help Dynalist be more powerful and flexible in the longer term.

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I appreciate the update and the sentiment. Good job, moderating, Erica.