2017/01/15 Dynalist outage


2017/01/15 5 AM EDT to 6 AM EDT


Dynalist’s service was down, returns HTTP error code in the 5xx range.


Server overload. Issue started around 4 AM EDT when the server is running behind in queued tasks, such as changes being synced. Around 5 AM is when the server has gone into a locked state where new data is no longer accepted due to overload. Our server usually runs at 25%-30% resource usage, but somehow that surged suddenly today. We believe this is a rare case event.

We’ve increased the server’s capacity by 4x right away. This caused extra down-time as the server had to be migrated to a better one. We’re planning on another migration in the next few weeks to increase capacity even more as a preventive measure. In the future, we’ll leave more head-room in case surges like this happen again.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Is it possible to export data offline (except copy/pasting points)?

Or maybe if we have an extension make use of local storage (Chrome)?

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There’s “Make backup” (under main menu). You mean something other than that?

The problem is not the data but rather the page won’t load if the server can’t be reached. I think only Chrome extension apps can be opened offline, or if you download the entire static website to your computer.

Using the desktop app will be similar to the local storage idea you proposed.

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Ah, for some reason I thought it would take too long and I didn’t want to save everything at the time. I was using the menu > export option that’s available for every node.