2 tweaks away from todo perfection

So there is much about DList that commends it for a todo & project management system regardless of method (GTD or other). I wish though for a couple of things:

  1. checkbox for a node WITHOUT making its children a checkbox list. This gives users greater flexibility. I realize this complicates things under the hood w/re HTML because now you would be talking about a different structure to accommodate the behavior. I think keeping the existing checkbox list and adding the non-list checkbox (which should look basically the same as the list items in a checkbox list) is the way to go.

  2. Let check-boxes be searchable. Maybe it already is - I haven’t found it. But this way, if for instance I had a todo item distributed throughout a document or several documents that had a context in common - say tagged with my friend’s name etc. #ryan or what have you, if I search globally for #ryan and !checkbox or what have you, I get all the items I might have wanted to talk with him about. See? And in such a case, I might have many notes under an item (child nodes) that I didn’t want to appear as check-boxes. This suggestion would accommodate such flexibility along with many other uses I might not think of which users may come up with.

Thank you for a ‘Mary Poppins’ level program (“practically perfect in every way”)

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Good news:

This shall be coming soon to Dynalist!

You might be looking for is:checklist. Reference: Search operators reference - Dynalist Help Center