The most important and basic search feature (13)
Have custom date type with optional time (1)
Links should show resolved rather than naked markdown (3)
Keyboard Shortcut Support Mobile (Indent/Outdent) (7)
All notes with checklist by default (2)
Group Tags by Current Item (2)
Simple export option to make Dynalist the BEST writing tool (6)
Markdown export (8)
Google Calendar integration: Option to NOT sync the completed tasks (1)
Search items in multiple documents specified (1)
Empty space between lines (11)
Workflowy mode (1)
Show Comments in the Mindmap View (1)
Print the Mind map into a PDF formatted file (2)
Big "Plus" button for both iOS and desktop versions (8)
Hide indented items (2)
Ignore blank lines when pasting into outline (9)
Make a kanban, trello or airtable like board or table based on tags (16)
Memo View (Square Memos like Google Keep) (1)
Autocomplete tags across files (1)
Multi-line code blocks ( 2 3 ) (58)
Requesting a Copy button in the file upload output (3)
When expand, cursor still stays in where it was (mobile app) (1)
As mentioned: word count (6)
Vertical Line (when exporting to PDF) (1)
Kick But Dark Keyboard For IOS (5)
Improve visual effect of zooming in and out (7)
Thanks for the search refresh with bookmarks - how about for links too? (3)
Search operator for overdue dates (3)
Re-size attatched image (2)