Usefulness of folders and documents


+1 for hierarchical bookmarks… and then bookmark level sharing? :wink:

I keep coming back to my recipe list where I have a tags for #chicken # beef #vegan #italian #mexican etc. so it is easy for me to filter my recipes. At the same time I want to share one recipe at at time and not ALL of my recipes. It’s such a simple and common use case I would think it would have to be addressed eventually. Right now I resort to the export functionality to send someone a recipe.


It’s here:

And agreed, that’s the only truly convincing argument we’ve heard that document & folder structure just can’t do. Although I still tend to think people propose this because of the existence of WorkFlowy. For example, you don’t see people suggesting that Google Docs should allow sharing a section or a paragraph (maybe some do, just not as often brought up as with Dynalist).

Anyway the feature request is up there in the roadmap, and you’re welcome to vote for it if you find it useful.


Roger that. I’m also hungry for no reason after reading that… :fork_and_knife: