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Fantastic! Love this small but important improvement!


#Weekly update: 2017 week #15
####This is our weekly update for the 15th week of 2017.


  • Added “Show all…” option to Move Item so you can see all results. This is especially useful if you have many items with identical names.
  • Included folder path in both in Link Suggestion and Move Item, so you can distinguish documents with the same name.


  • [UI/minor] Fixed “…” not shown on Mac and iOS when showing the first line of note.
  • [UI/minor] Fixed can’t select multiple items in public read-only documents.
  • [UI/mobile] Fixed can’t tell whether file pane or document pane is active on mobile.
  • [UI/print] Fixed print result is black under dark theme.
  • [UI/print] Fixed vertical line in print result.
  • [UI/minor] Fixed feedback submit button is not visible on phones with relatively small screens.

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( on April 17, 2017.


That’s a useful improvement.

But when I tried the “Show all…” I had to wait a while for the results to show. When I scrolled down, I noticed that it wasn’t searching for the whole word, it was also searching for the separate letters of that word in other entries. So my search for “India” produced results for “I” “n” “d” “i” “a”. It would also be great if there was an option to exclude completed items.


@Erica, please take a look into this. I have noticed (in the past) that it takes some time to index.


The search is fuzzy by default, which is useful in many cases (e.g. you don’t need to type out the whole word). If you want to search for “India” exactly, surround it with quotations.

It’s normal if you enter a very common search query (such as “e”).

Be careful when clicking on “show all” with a very short search query – it is going to be slow. The same will happen if you do a global search with the same query. The search itself is actually not that slow, building the UI elements typically take the longest time.


Hi @erica I still don’t see the “…” in a multi-line note. (Mac app 1.0.29). I do see it when I view in Chrome.


It probably hasn’t been pushed there yet, as usually is the case.


Thanks @JP1! Yes, @Mark_Gammon, that’s indeed the case. We’ll release the desktop update asap!


Got it. Thanks @Erica and @JP1 Appreciate the quick response!