The Powerpack 3 agenda


I find fmthe PP3 manual very technical and I’m looking for practical:

What is the Agenda function designed for? How is it beyond the dynalist Google Calendar function?

How do you personally use the feature? What goes into an agenda?


Yes, I would also like to know. Thanks.


It shows all Events in the documents you choose and you can integrate your Google Calendar events too.
Then you see all your Events in one agenda-section, wich is great!


So any line that has a date on it?


Yes, I think it is that way. But I only tried the Google Calendar integration yet :slight_smile:

I think you have to paste the share-link of the files wich should be in the Agenda into “Search documents” then add a new filter with "item and “has” date. Like this:

(Don’t do the Google Calendar thing if you only want the “normal” Agenda.)
The details are described in the Powerpack 2 or 3 Document :wink: