Swiping In Mobile Apps


It’s a little surprising that Dynalist still isn’t using swiping functionality in mobile apps. If I was an app developer it would be one of the first things I discussed with myself - what will I do with my left/right swipes :joy: fwiw Workflowy uses Complete/Delete which is fairly conventional and would be useful in Dynalist too.


Just wanted to bump this as it’s got four likes and it’s SO useful in Workflowy for reusable checklists. Thoughts Erica?


Totally agree that would be very handy to

swipe left to delete
swipe right to complete an task


How does this reusable checklist work? If i check everything off, the only way to uncheck everything in mobile is to uncheck each individual item. In desktop I would select all and then uncheck all selected. Mobile doesn’t have a select-all. So what do you envision pottster?


Hi Alan. I was just thinking of a checklist which was recycled like a daily exercise log or a shopping list. Mobile uncheck/uncomplete all would also be nice but I was trying not to be greedy :wink:


I think swipe right could be the Mobile version of select like ctrl-click. Then after one or more are selected you can do all the operations on the selection.


As we’re up to 7 likes on this, any chance of adding a card to the Trello roadmap? At the moment this is the only feature that’s keeping me with a foot in the Workflowy camp :slightly_frowning_face:


In a similar vein, with other apps, I’m finding the floating menu resulting from a long press on the app icon in Android tremendously useful for quick input/access. Straightforward to code as well I believe :wink: