Powerpack 2


Hi @Piotr is there an option to filter by checklist? I don’t see anything, but might be missing it. I’d like to set up a filter to see all items that have a checkbox, i.e. are a todo item.



Hi, unfortunately you can only search for checked items :disappointed:


Is the question about Dynalist built-in search or Powerpack specifically? If it’s the former, you can do it by searching for “is:checklist” (see more here: http://help.dynalist.io/article/93-search-operators-reference).


I have a question / request about confusing options in the Agenda view.

I have two views configured as follows. The first displays a list of items and their due date.

The second lists the same items, grouped by date:

It took me a while to work this out, from reading this thread. I could only get it working with the different filters:

  • First view: “item has date”
  • Second view: “item content contains {dl_date}”

If I configure the second view with “item has date”, every item is duplicated under each date, regardless of the due date.

This makes no sense – it appears that the “Group items by date” option is ignored.

Could this be fixed so that it behaves consistently with the “item has date” filter?


Nope, it works only with {dl_date}


What do i wrong i want the tasks only show up on specific date now it’s shown every day of the week

Please Help or is this an bug

Using Firefox BTW



Oops i saw previous reply the answer using {dl_date}

Never mind this is an AWESOME PowerPack Tool

Keep up the good work



Strange behavior with PowerPack tool (Powerpack Settingsversion 2.3.4) of Piotr in Firefox in macOS High Sierra … what plugin i tried they all not worked

  • PowerPack Addon specially for FireFox
  • Tampermonkey
  • Greasemonkey

When i used Chrome same macOS it worked

What causing this

Please help me to understand


Sorry, no idea, I also have High Sierra, powerpack works for me without any problems in Firefox 57 + tampermonkey


Strange same settings on my MacMini it’s works now in Firefox, maybe a little bug


Hi! Would it be possible to get a popup when hovering over an internal link?
I am think about something along the lines of Wikiwand’s popups.

Wikiwand popup / mockup:

Hover over popup for internal links

This would be really awesome. Dynalist + powerpack2 have become my organizational center, and it would be great to have this also available on iOS. Is adding an option for external user scripts anywhere on your roadmap right now?


Awesome extension. Is the (unobfuscated) source code available online by any chance? Maybe on GitHub or such?


Not on our roadmap right now, sorry. It’s too big for a feature request, since we’re imagining an entire plugin system. Managing the JS code by hand would be too messy, unfortunately.

But yes it would be really cool if the script were available on all platforms!


I completely understand. I guess some of the core functionality of powerpack2 that I find useful (in particular the agenda view) can be somehow implemented externally once the API is there.

Anyway, keep up the great work! (and many thanks to @Piotr for the awesome extension!)


I’m a new user and don’t know how to use/install powerpack? I couldn’t find any guide either. that Guides and examples link is not useful for new users.


You need to install Tampermonkey on whatever browser of your choice.

Install Powerpack 2.

Refresh Dynalist in the browser and see this guide for Powerpack features.


Thanks for the amazing work, Piotr! This is definitely awesome and makes Dynalist more appealing!! :smiley:


When I try to install from GreasyFork, Chrome pops up a message saying “Apps, extensions and user scripts cannot be installed from this website.” Any idea why this is happening and how to deal with it?


You can manually copy the code.