[Poll] What should the first screen on mobile app contain?


That’s a good point. Most of my documents and folders are for content shared with other people. And stuff that I’m too lazy to replace into the main document.



Totally agree that willl be the best solutions for the future I used drafts in the past to brain dumps my thought to an GTD tool.

I don’t know how much effort it cost for the devs to make an extensions which dropped captured text to an default document. In my case “Inbox”



I wouldn’t want this to be the default screen when you open the app personally - there are two things we might want to do with any system like this: retrieve information or enter it - this assumes that you more often want to enter it than retrieve it which isn’t true for all.

I think a todoist-like approach would be ideal where you have some kind of quick add button (either from notification or a widget shortcut or whatever) for entering information quickly while the main app would then become the place you go for information retrieval or more nuanced / large scale information entry - the default for the app should therefore be the quickest way to get to the information you want (e.g. file pane with easily accessible search bar, or ideally a user-defined default page (for example I have an ‘operations’ page /list which has my own links / tag clouds to everything I want laid out in the way I want) - this approach I think provides the best of both worlds


True enough, this would be a great idea for a native iOS app but that’s not in the cards for some time. Whatever is created in the web app will be what is available for the hybrid iOS app too.


Hi Michael, sorry I’m not sure if you’re a developer but can I ask why you think it isn’t on the cards? Due to technical difficulty? I do understand quick add is more tricky for an outliner than a task app like todoist, but the third party app memoflowy provides a very nice quick add service (additionally, it would be wonderful if their ‘stock phrase’ feature were possible in any dynalist quick add feature to save manually adding multiple tags that are used in combination frequently) - I think their approach to providing 5 or so default lists you can send an item to (rather than to ANY list) is a good approach too


Hello Stephen,

Some of the forum discussion for the future of iOS development can be found at this link: iOS App Discussion. The Trello site has the initial discussions and discuss plans for a hybrid type iOS app at this link: Trello iOS

In order for a native iOS app to be released, the Dynalist team would have to add an iOS programmer and invest thousands of dollars to make it happen. With such a small team doing amazing things already, this would be difficult and risky.

To better understand the differences between a web app, hybrid app and native app, take a look at this article: http://www.mrc-productivity.com/blog/2016/06/the-mobile-app-comparison-chart-hybrid-vs-native-vs-mobile-web/

My recommendation to every iOS user on this forum to become Pro users so that development continues and plans can be made for hiring more staff. Hybrid apps are not so bad…they have tradeoffs like any other platform. The Dynalist team is committed to the Hybrid app for now but we can encourage them to consider a native app as they grow.


Thanks for the post! Yes, that’s pretty much the current situation on this.

With a hybrid app we can actually do some native stuff. We’re actually trying to do that right now while trying to support external keyboard on the mobile app. So we can potentially do other native things too, it’ll just take up lots of our time doing the research and implementing, if it’s at all possible.


Since each item has it’s own URL (e.g. if I zoom in to an item and then bookmark that page, going back to that bookmark goes back to the same location), could something similar be implemented for the mobile app?

I don’t know about Android, but on iOS there are apps like Launch Center that can call app-specific URLs.

For example, Dynalist can have a URL like dynalist://abcdef/xyz to open at a specific item. Todoist supports something like this already:



I get that we can use URL schemes for lots of things on iOS, is this related to the top (first screen on mobile) though? Just making sure I’m not missing anything.


Yes, I meant to say that with all the requests here, it seems that different people use the product very differently.

If you implement URL schemes, then the first screen that opens would not matter so much, as everyone can use a URL scheme to open the app wherever they want.


How would they do that though? Creating a link and put it somewhere convenient?


Yes, as I said there are apps on iOS like Launch Center Pro which allow launching of custom URL schemes. I know Launch Center Pro also allows launching them via Notification Center widgets.


@Erica out of curiosity, have you looked at Flutter yet? It goes a step beyond hybrid app to target Android and iOS natively. But different too. Not like Cordova or something. It’s by Google and code is in Dart (plus back end C++). https://flutter.io while still in tech preview, it’s already being used in production by Google.


My vote is for the last document, including zoom level.

Every day on mobile I have one document I always open. The same document and always from mobile (and generally around the same time). Occasionally on mobile I’ll use others, but that’s the exception not the rule. So I’d rather have that same document each time and switch if I need to.


One workaround that I’ve been using with Drafts was to create an action that just copies the draft to clipboard and then opens Dynalist in Safari, and then I just paste the contents of the draft in any document that I choose. Similarly to memoflowy, you can do multiple bullet points with children in a single draft by using new lines for each new bullet and adding a space in front of each child. You could also write an action for Drafts to recognize the first line of your draft as the bullet item and the body of the draft as the note (and then use the same copy/paste steps).