Most effective way to set up todos?


I’m still making the perfect todo method, have tested many, and feel like im getting closer to completion – does anyone know of a fail-safe way they’ve found to be incredibly helpful?


I’m a big fan of Mark Forster’s methods. But nothing is failsafe. If you fail to do, then no method can solve that.


my method is failsafe, that’s one of the many aspect of what makes something, at least for a good amount of things in the universe, good, including that of todos

i was unable to find the method due to the site being a mess, and i wasnt able to review it due to not being able to find the method. you hadnt mentioned what was good about it

what exactly is incredibly helpful about it?


Mark is a chronic experimenter so there isnt one method but rather a series of variations. What’s common to them all is an emphasis on doing things little by little. Typically ypu would write stuff in a simple list and just scan through them looking for a thing to work on, do that for a bit, and set it aside for later by moving it to the end of the list. If you do this consistently while also taking care not to be doing too much stuff, you will find everything gets taken care of in due time.

Search “Simple Scanning”.


dont see/understand how that would be a helpful or good or effective way,

the most effective way currently would be priority based + other many ‘setups’ + checks & tests

(unless i see/run into something way better)


That’s a matter of approach. Mark would argue vigorously that “Priority” is not the way to organize your work. It’s more a matter of whether you will do it, or won’t do it, and his emphasis therefore is on minimizing effort organizing and maximizing time doing it. In the process of doing it you will gain a better handle on what is out there to do and understand your workload better.

But if you are happy with your priority-based approach, carry on.