Memory usage with large list


Steps to reproduce

Have a large list with thousands of nodes open in Safari.

Expected result

Low memory usage.

Actual result

Safari re-loads page every few minutes and displays a warning about “this webpage was reloaded because it was using significant memory.”


Safari 11.0.1 on Mac OS X


Has this happened in previous versions of Safari? Safari 11.0.1 sounds really new and if there’s no problem before, it could be a memory issue with the browser. I do get many results when I search for “Safari memory issue”.

We haven’t changed anything regarding memory usage in a long time, so unless this problem has existed for ages, it shouldn’t be caused by a recent change.


Hi @Imran_Akbar, just following up on this, is it still happening?


Hey Erica, yes it still complains of running out of memory. On my laptop dynalist at least loads - but on my iPad Pro it never loads (both the App and opening it in Safari).


Hi Imran,

​Sorry for the late reply due to the holidays!

Is the situation any better at the moment?

I’m really sorry this is happening. This is a bigger thread that complains about a similar issue: Dynalist using a ridiculous amount of RAM (Windows Desktop App)

We have plans to update Electron and see if that can fix it.

I wonder why it’s happening in Safari though, that makes it seem like it’s a somewhat different issue.