Item order sometimes changes after syncing


If that’s the case, it means the local copy (the one in ~/.config/Dynalist/dynalist/data/) is corrupted. It has the wrong ordering.

After you deleted the local copy, a fresh copy was pulled from the server, which is correct.

So my guess is that basically, a diff was generated, but was interpreted incorrectly by the app, and the wrong order is saved in the local copy of data…


I’m getting similar issues.

Here is Dynalist opened in the Windows app and in Chrome side-by-side. Here just one item (“class 3 - 3 problems”) is in the wrong place, but sometimes I open Dynalist on my work computer (Windows app) and see things I wrote at home last night (also Windows app) totally messed up.


I’m continuing to get this error. I type a list on my laptop, open it a little later on my desktop, and the list is in a different order. This is a critical failure of a core functionality of the software. I’m really hoping for a little more responsiveness on this.