iOS App is slow & “jerky” when typing in it



Steps to reproduce

Open up the iOS app and start typing

Expected result

Characters appear on the screen as soon as I press each key.

Actual result

There is significant lag between pressing the key and the screen responding. At some points when typing I can be typing 2 full words ahead of what is actually displayed on screen. The characters on screen seem to update quickly, then pause for a second and the screen freezes, then moves quickly again, then freezes for a split second again, etc.


Tested this on iPhone 6s and iPad mini 4 mobile app, same thing happened on both.

To eliminate the possibility my device is slow I also tested typing in other apps - they responded just fine. I also tested typing in my Dynalist document but via the web app in Chrome for iphone, this also worked as expected and characters appeared on the screen as quickly as I typed them.

Additional information

Sometimes pressing into a line to start editing it also has a significant delay between pressing the screen and the action occurring (eg being able to edit the line).

Additional comments


Which version of iOS are you using?


iOS 11.2.5 - the latest version available at time of writing…


I see, iOS 11 has brought lots of issues, like this and this.

The app wasn’t the fastest before the iOS 11 update but it was a little better at least.

Right now we’re in the process of upgrading the entire app framework in hopes to fix this and related issues, so please stay tuned! :slight_smile:


Hey Erica,

+1 for this issue.

Adding a couple of observations:

  • I have a single “work” document (around 500kB+) in which typing using my bluetooth keyboard on iPad is incredibly laggy.
  • When typing into a new, empty document this lag is absent

I understand that the jerkiness of the iPad app is probably directly correlated to the size of the document in working memory, and I’m happy to try and organise around this when possible. However, in this instance I don’t really want to have to split up this “work” document as I wouldn’t be able to do a search across all documents (assuming I’m on iPad where there appears to be no global search option; also assuming that I want to perform a search only on my work documents which on desktop wouldn’t be possible either).

I appreciate the work you guys are doing to improve things on the platform - but are there any workarounds for the specific search use case I outline here? Otherwise the only solution I see right now is to suffer the slow typing issues.




Hi John,

If you’re feeling laggy only when editing one document, it’s probably a display issue rather than a memory issue. Basically, too many elements are present the screen and that makes typing every character and tapping every button laggy.

Could you try collapsing unused points or zooming into the point you’re currently working on, and see if that helps?

500 KB doesn’t seem like a lot though. Is it possible that you have lots of checked and hidden items that are not counted? If you could tell me the exact name of the document, I can take a look at the exact size as stored on our server (won’t look at the content).

I hope that helps!