Introduce range and progress for dates/numbers


From time to time I need to create two types of tasks:

  • Task that include a number of repetitive action that had to be done. Simple example would be “do 10 pending tasks per week that is in pending category for more than 3 month”. To keep track how far I progressed during the week I can of course mark how many tasks I did. But it’s NOT visually representative.
  • Tasks that require date range with clear start and finish. Like “do something from 10.06.18 to 28.06.18”. So there are no easy way to see the progress from start date to finish date.

So the problem is a lack of visually understandable way to represent ranges and progress throughout some activity.

Introduce simple syntax and functionality for “range” and “progress” visual representation with possible values being numbers or dates.

Syntax examples:
- Number range would look like “<<1, 11, 7” meaning show a range from “1” to “11” with current progress being “7”. Visual representation would look something like image
- Date range would look like “<<!(2018-06-14), !(2018-06-28), !(2018-06-23)”. Wich means range from “2018-06-14” to “2018-06-28” with current value being “2018-06-23”. Also importantly allow to omit third param for date range and use current date as a value for it.

In this way person would be able to easily track range and progress. And in case of multiple tasks in one document user will have simple to understand visual indicator that is easy to find. Also it would be really handy on dates since it will allow to track progress of time from start of the task to finish.

Bonuses :grin:

  • Actually should be very simple to implement since you already have similar “visual indicators” like dates and document links.
  • Big benefit is that range mechanics is needed if you intent to implement any kind of Scrum/Kanban representation of your lists in the future.


Link to an earlier date range feature request post: Inserting date ranges



Thank you for the link. Though the topic in the link is concentrated on syncing dates only with GCal and search. My request is more about range presentation as a whole since I’m talking about dates and also about numerical progress (and I think other types could be added). So it’s a somewhat more Dynalist-only, yes. but generally broader feature.