Image Resizer Slider Overlay UI Button


I made my first tamperscript extension. Its something I wanted for some time

It overlays a slider at the topleft corner. You can slide it back and forth to increase max-width image size.

I had it set at a starting point of 150px, and goes up to 1200px

If you have a stylish extension that sets max-width (e.g. my theme here , it will override whatever those defaults are.

You need to have tampermonkey chrome extension installed

Here’s the install script.

P.S. this script technically can work on any site with images, not just dynalist :slight_smile:

It took me awhile to figure this out I had lots of experimental codepens to prototype it before I loaded it in tamperscript

I’ll post a writeup later on how you can write your own tamperscripts and how i made mine on my blog later and put a reply here to it.


here’s a writeup of things i l learned along the way