*Encrypted* automatic daily backup


Whilst an automatic daily backup feature is useful I don’t trust Google or Dropbox with all my data.

There should be an option to encrypt these backups with a user-configurable password and encryption can be done via AES-256 or PGP. The implementation can be partly copied from an open-source project like 7-Zip or OpenKeychain.


Interesting feature, but we do have a lot of other high priority tasks at hand, and you can see many of them listed here: https://dynalist.io/roadmap I hope that’s understandable!

If more people are interested in this, we’ll definitely give it more consideration. Like or comment on this post if you’re interested!


No encryption for daily backups is a big no-no for me as it means I have to manually backup via export or something like that.

Personally, I think it’s a no-no to even offer unencrypted backups in this time and age. At least make that a wilful choice of the user that makes them require understanding the risk they are taking.