Checklist un-checking - Nested checklists


Imagine this hierarchy for a packing checklist. I’d expect everything here would be a checklist:

  • Packing Lists!
    ** Dad list
    *** Hat
    *** Shirts
    *** Sunglasses
    ** Mom List
    *** Pants
    *** Swimsuit
    ** Kid List
    *** Hat
    *** Snacks

Before a vacation, here would be my expected workflow:

  1. Uncheck everything. Optimally I’d just click next to “packing lists” and uncheck-all.
  2. If Dad isn’t going, I just click the checkbox next to “Dad list”, and boom, his whole list disappears.
  3. Individually for the remaining lists I’d click on specific items.

As things are, there’s no easy way to do step-1, the “Uncheck everything” action. If you selected everything & checked/unchecked-all, it would only uncheck at the top level. The only way (I think) to do this would be to individually select each packing list, check/uncheck all. This makes step-1 into a many step process.

Perhaps we need a “Uncheck-all Cascade Hierarchy” or something like that at the top level of a checkbox tree?


I imagine this is optionally linked to the checkbox independence thing. Like there are times I want to make a checkbox item, and add some details that are not checkable things. But sometimes I want some to have checkboxes.

And if I check the root item, I don’t want all the boxes to get checkmarks. Unless, as you propose, the Cascade command is chosen.

Again, make checkable item is one thing. Cascade checkable is another thing.


Yeah, it’s linked to the independence thing.

It’s also linked to how right now, bulk actions behave a bit inconsistently. For commands like bold (Ctrl+B), children items on all levels are affected. For some other commands, like unchecking mentioned by @Dave, only affect top level items. If we make everything consistent, it would at least solve his problem.

The issue is that for some commands, it makes more sense to only affect the first category. Inconsistency sucks though.


What if Select had two modes, deep and shallow? Maybe Shallow select being the new command.


Consistency would be super nice. I really like the idea Alan said which is to just make two types of select. One selects everything at that level, and one selects the entire tree. That would allow all actions to apply shallowly or deeply. That could make sense for styling (bold) as well as things like checkboxes. Not sure what other features might be impacted, which would make this odd… but it feels right :slight_smile: