Can I preview a list of all my attached files?



Is there a way to do this? I want to see a list of all my file attachments made (the actual files), kind of like a file explorer on my PC

I don’t see thjese files when i backup dynalist locally to my PC

I’d like to have a high level overview of all the file/attachments i made so I can preview them all quickly

(Using dynalist pro)

if this isn’t the case, could this be potentially made into development?



@Vincent_Tang, try the “Upload manager” option in the main menu!


I am wondering if via the upload manager there could be an option to rename the files that have been uploaded. (see image below)

There are times when I do a simple paste of an image into a dynalist document. When I do this, the uploaded image is listed as “Pasted image”. Are there any thoughts about renaming the uploaded file?

Thanks for the considerations.


@Shida, is it possible to allow renaming after we’ve uploaded it to AWS?


I don’t think we have that option for now. Could look to add it in the future because the name is stored on our side and not AWS.


Pasted image name change would be nice

This is what my upload manager looks like

Its mostly .exe files, .PDF files, .txt, .csv, etc. Sometimes I cannot find a download mirror anywhere for some software (microsofts 2012 C++ distributable software, specific drivers, fujitsu scansnap software), so I use dynalist’s upload / AWS as an extra copy. I’ve had issues where I couldn’t do anything when a download host was bad for several months at a time.

I’m probably going to put more template excel CSV / PDF files for work here, its sometimes faster than navigating on my dropbox

for images

I’m running shareX + (image host) to handle all my .jpeg + .gifs + .png on backend