Multiple windows for the desktop app (Mac) ( 2 ) (26)
Support Japanese keyboard(JIS keyboard) (1)
Annotate images with apple pencil (markup feature) (3)
Night Mode loading screen should be Black (1)
Intitle: search field like Evernote (5)
Hotkey for newline inside note and multiline code block (4)
Integrate to Dropbox/Box/Google Drive (13)
Do not render trailing whitespace in note (4)
[Pro] Recurring tasks ( 2 ) (21)
Better calendar sync and date sorting in agenda view or bookmarkable searches (5)
Prune trailing empty items (6)
Pinnable Items (2)
Selecting node(s) by clicking/dragging on whitespace to left of nodes (8)
When rearranging points in a number list, force counting of points in said list (4)
Open docs where you left off last time (2)
Select multiple items on mobile (7)
Expand to depth (5)
Friends (2)
Weekly Update (6)
Make Breadcrumb with dates look nicer? (11)
[Free Windows App] Please disable global shortcuts (7)
UI request: swipe to check item off for iOS (2)
IMPORT tab separated lists (2)
​Mobile app: Hold two seconds the magnifying glass icon for "search everywhere" (2)
Please implement RTL back! (2)
Recents, based on zoomed to items (2)
Bundling bookmarks together - nested bookmarks or bookmark folders (6)
Dynalist widget (19)
Only show relative date (2)
Press <esc> to exit edit view (19)