Progressive Web Apps (11)
Quick way to filter tags when using Ctrl+F (search) (4)
Add navigate up/down action in mobile/tablet tool bar (8)
Distinguish checklist vs non-checklist child of checklist parent (17)
Format text font and highlight with colors (9)
Let me open documents in new tab with ctrl+click or some other hotkey (5)
Go back to parent item by "⌘+P" when edting note too (10)
Don't search by wildcard in Open File/item Finder & Move item dialog (6)
No obvious Printing in Menus or toolbar (2)
Move items to a new document (10)
Checklist un-checking - Nested checklists (20)
Auto Node expand on Drag (3)
Exclude completed item tags from tag pane (3)
iOS: deep linking (2)
Support for Webdav and Caldav (1)
Windows portable program (5)
Start a Bug Bounty Program (2)
Slack integration (1)
Connection based view (10)
Select multiple items (lossless and lossy copying) (6)
Allow sharing a single topic / bullet instead of an entire document (2)
Rotating Lists / List Rotation (4)
Web "Read Only" Mode (13)
User Customizable Mobile App Creator (2)
Customizable Forms (1)
Table View, Tables & Tracking Lists (1)
Improve the Dynalist experience with iA Writer's Duospace font (2)
Gmail add-on for new Gmail UI (4)
Related content / leveraging the full-text-index for some 'AI' (4)
Weekly Update (8)